Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tomorrow...I Run for my Mother

I was 25 years old when my mother passed away from ovarian cancer. I was the same age she is in the photograph at the end of this post, which also happens to be my favorite one of her. It was on June 5, 1998. This past June was the 15th anniversary of her death, and more so than any other year,  has been very hard for me. I am not sure if it is because 15 years seems like a milestone or the older my children get, the more I wish that she could be here to spend time with them, watch them grow, and celebrate the little things. I needed to do something to help me get through this difficult time, so I threw myself, full force, into something I am very passionate about: helping children.

For a few years I have raised money for Ele's Race. Ele's Race is a 5K that raises money for Ele's Place. Ele's Place is a nonprofit healing center for grieving children and teens. Families are not charged for using their services. This year I decided  to raise $1500. I wanted to raise $100 for each year that my mother has been gone. I am happy to announce that with the help of 53 generous donors, I have surpassed my goal.

My other goal in this process is to set a PR (personal record) in the 5K since the death of my mother. With the help of a good friend, I have been working very hard at improving my speed. I am a runner, but I typically don't push myself when I run. Let me tell you that this has been the first time since my freshmen year  college cross country days, almost 21 years ago,  that I have religiously done mile repeats, half mile repeats, and tempo runs each week to get faster. To set a PR, I need to run 25:54 or faster, but I would really like to run 23:59 or faster. I am not sure why I am stuck on that faster time, but I am. Whenever I would feel like quitting during those repeats, I thought of my mother going through chemo or looking so ill but still smiling when she talked to me. Nothing could be worse than going through what she  did. So what did I do when I wanted to give up? I pushed myself, like she did, until the very end.

Tomorrow I run for my mother. I run for all the children and families that have lost a loved one too early. I run for Ele's Place, a great organization in the town I live in. And I run for me, hoping to make my mother proud again.

My mother at 25

If you are interested in helping my cause, please click on the link to read my story and donate.


  1. I love that photo, too, thanks so much for using it, Elana. I am crying just reading your blog: I miss her so much and am so glad that you are cherishing her memory and realize how dearly she
    loved you, even through her pain and ordeal. xoxo
    Godmother Liz

  2. She would be so proud of you my dear.