Thursday, August 1, 2013

One Hundred Kisses

It is usually when I am running that  something I want to write about pops into my head. I then spend the next few miles mentally writing my thoughts down. It is my brainstorming process. This morning was no different.

Today I ran nine miles. The whole time I kept thinking about how much I was going to miss my kids because after I was done running, I was headed to a conference. I was going to write about where the title of this blog, Fall Hugs, came from, but that will have to wait for another day.

About an hour after I arrived at home, I received a text that a former student of mine has gone missing. She is 14 years old and was last see on July 30th. This brought on a lot of sadness. I can't imagine what her parents must be feeling. I see things on the news about kids going missing all of the time, but this one has hit home. I had a strong connection with this student. I felt as though she thrived in my classroom, and now no one knows where she is.

It is an event like this that makes me hug my children a little tighter, listen to them a lot longer, and give them my undivided attention, although there is dishes that need to be done and laundry that needs to be folded. But those things can wait. They aren't going to grow up like the three little ones in my house. I know the time I have with my kids as children will one day be gone sooner than later. When they grow older, I want them to remember the little things we did in our house to make it a home: Christmas Eve jammies, back to school cupcakes, your birthday is your day, story time in Mom and Dad's bed, movie night, artwork plastered all over the house, bike rides, runs with Mom, cake pops with Dad, popcorn for breakfast, staying up late, camp outs in the basement, fall hugs, and 100 kisses.

But tonight, instead of 100 kisses before bed, it was 101.

My Treasures

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