Sunday, March 26, 2017

By the Numbers

I have read a few of these by the number posts recently and thought I would try it out.

1. The amount of times my daughter came down to tell me she couldn't sleep.

2. The amount of girl scout cookies I just ate.

3. The number of children I tucked into bed tonight.

4. The loads of laundry I have done today.

5. The number of stacks of papers that I corrected before noon.

6. The number of things I will wear running tomorrow morning if the weather stays mild.

7. The hours I will get to sleep tonight if I go to bed and fall asleep in 14 minutes.

8. The age of my middle child.

9. The time I was supposed to be in bed.

10. The amount of things that I still need to do tonight but would rather accomplish number seven.

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