Thursday, March 30, 2017


This morning as I was checking in my slicers it dawned on me that we only have two days left of this challenge. As I was thinking it, I must of said it out loud because one girl said, "Thank goodness."

I said, "What?! You aren't going to continue writing?"

She replied with a quick, "No."

I said, "I think I am going to continue. Although it is work. I like it. I feel like I am telling my story."

Another girl chimed in and said, "I think I am going to continue too."

At the start of the challenge all 27 students participated but by the end of the week, they started dropping off. I currently have about 15 who have written every day or close to that.

And here is what I have noticed.

They get what a slice is and when a student didn't understand what the word anecdote meant, I was able to explain that it was fancy word for a slice of life.

Some students who have done no homework for me all year, have written in their SOL notebooks every single day.

Their voice. Their voice is coming out in everything they write, even their science research papers.

They love to write. A week or so ago during practice for student led conferences I overheard one student telling another, "When I started the year, I hated to write. Now it is my favorite thing to do. I love it."

They love telling me what they wrote about, and I enjoy listening to them.  I am able to make a quick connection with them, which is important.

They are experimenting. I have been sharing my blog and those that I make comments on to give them ideas.

They feel successful. And there is no grade tied to it.

As I reflect over this past month, I just swell with pride. For them and me. This is what I needed to get myself back on track with my writing. Not only have I developed a style, I feel as though I have found my voice. I am going to publish my month long slices on, an online publishing site.

And my students are going to publish their favorite slice as well. I can't wait for them to see the finished product. If they don't feel like authors yet, they will when they see their book.


  1. What a great slice! It's wonderful to hear how this month has impacted you and your students.

  2. Wow! You really turning out real writers. Key: no grades, you model honestly, it is authentic communication, plus LOTS of opportunities for practice. I was thinking how, after 3 Month of March challenges I am so proud of my own blog- how proud they will be of themselves. Bravo.

  3. What a great impact the SOL has had for your students! They will never be the same, and all because you gave them the opportunity to experience this challenge!

  4. I can relate!! It's amazing to me that my lowest writer, the boy who HATES writing, has done slice of life almost everyday. He lights up when I bring up his slices in front of others. What an awesome idea to publish their slices! You had so many stick with it, that's amazing!

  5. I love the freedom you gave them to participate as they saw fit--and that you are celebrating those who it really worked for instead of bewailing those who didn't love it.

  6. This is so reassuring. Fifteen students still writing - Amazing. I love your observations - especially, "Their voice. Their voice is coming out in everything they write, even their science research papers." What more can you ask for!

  7. Wow! 15 students?! Amazing to hear this. :) I love what blogging can do for students' writing. Especially for the students you least expect.

  8. Wow! That's great that so many of your students stayed with it. Congrats! I have a small class, 12 students, and one girl sliced for most of the month. After about a week or so, a second girl joined in. It was fun reading their slices. I hope they enjoyed writing them, as well.