Sunday, March 5, 2017

Running is My Therapy

At 17, I started running. I ran to stay in shape after lacrosse season ended.  I quickly realized that this was going to be my new sport.

At 19, I ran to be a part of a team. I ran cross country at Albion College, a small liberal arts school in Michigan.  I wasn't the best runner but worked very hard and learned the sport.

At 24, I ran to deal with the death of my mother. I would replay conversations in my head in hopes that I could hold onto the memory of her voice.

At 25, I had foot surgery and couldn't run. I wouldn't run again for seven years.

At 32, I ran to lose the baby weight. I decided to not listen to the orthopedic surgeon and give it a try. I am glad I made that decision.

At 36, I ran because it was a pregnancy craving. Two miles each day of the week. I ran until I was so large I couldn't run. I was 7.5 months pregnant when I had to slow down to a walk. .

At 38, I ran because my neighbor moved away. We were such great friends that as she drove out of sight,  I found myself devastated. I laced up my shoes and ran the pain and hurt feelings out of my body.

At 40, I ran for time. I was so determined to hit a sub two hour half-marathon that I threw my back out trying.

At 41, I ran because I could. My perspective had changed, and I was just thankful that I could run.

Today, at 43, I ran for therapy. I ran to clear my mind and put things into perspective. I ran to listen and offer advice. I ran, because at that moment, it was the only thing that made sense to me.


  1. I love this so much. There is something particularly wonderful at redirecting all of the hullabaloo in my head into running for a short time. Everything feels a bit more settled after pushing through a few miles.

  2. I like the way you created a timeline of running...mine wouldn't be that long, but it's interesting the way that the purpose behind running can change at different points in life.

  3. This was so refreshing to read! I found this to be inspiring and motivating as I start my life at 17, and run almost every day.

  4. I too loved the timeline structure and the variety of reasons. So interesting that running has served you so well in so many differing situations.

  5. Great timeline structure that really organizes your slice so well. And then you added in the "why" which was like a bonus!

    Great slice!