Thursday, March 16, 2017

That One Story

My students have been writing in their writer's notebooks all year during Sacred Writing Time. I have utilized what they have written to teach grammar and other writing skills they are lacking. This week we have been using our stories to create poems through a remix. I have taught rhyme, repetition, and rhyme scheme. My once "I don't get poetry," students are turning into quite creative poets. They are enjoying it so much that many are writing poems for their nightly Slice of Life entries.

Today, I introduced the idea that for our Young Author's Day celebration in May (this is school wide) we are going to publish our favorite slice. We will do this on, an online publishing site. I have used them before, and I like how the books turn out. I told my students to start thinking about a slice they might want to revise. I then mentioned to them that I would be writing one too.

I have already decided what that is going to be.

It  is the one story I keep going back to.

The one about the orange juice.

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  1. I love that you are publishing the book for the kids. I think that is what memories are made of. Thanks for sharing the site too.